Breaking the

rules is an art form

that requires

strict rules

About us

Actomedia believes in a new way of “doing communication” that changes the relationship between marketing and art.

Art and Culture coexist in everything we do, following a logic made of coherence and consistency which amplifies every creative action’s sense and power / strength.
We adopt a new approach in which art joins the agency’s everyday.

Every decision we make is inspired by the will of challenging clichés, in order to bring innovation to everything around us.


Actomedia offers a set of complementary products and services including video-making and advertising photography, apps and websites, business strategies and communication plans. Contact us for additional informations.


In order to best exploit the specialized skills and experiences of Actomedia’s team, we created unique units for Startups, Art and Healthcare

Through these units we are able to provide suited services meeting the needs of a continuously evolving market.

S-Up is the unit dedicated to Startups / Startuppers, aimed at helping them from their very first steps.

Several members of our team were involved in a variety of business projects, which gave them the opportunity of witnessing closely every need of a startup.

In order to deliver on its promise of supporting the Arts, Actomedia launched the project “Art’O’Media”.

Art’O’Media is an initiative to offer visibility to emerging artists from the Abruzzo territory in Italy, which is quickly spreading to the neighboring regions.

Actocare is the unit dedicated to the Healthcare world.

Its Brand Manager, with many years of experience in the medical-scientific field, ensures the alignment of Actomedia with the customer.


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